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Share the history of Japanese cuisine from centuries ago to 2021. From traditional Japanese food such as sushi & soba to home-cooked food.

Experience the Best – Ultimate Curry Lover’s Guide In Osaka

Many international travelers who have visited Japan say that Osaka is their favorite destination in Japan, especially for foodies and excursionists. One of the exciting attractions of the city is its food. You can enjoy traditional dishes to inexpensive street foods, including a vast variety of curry dishes. Osaka is known as the “kitchen of the

Curry With Udon Noodle? Unique Curry Guide in Nagoya 2021

How many of us know that Japan is the second-largest curry country after India? The capital, Tokyo has the most curry restaurants in the country. Kanagawa is a port city where you can enjoy a wide variety of the dishes from around the world, including curry. In Hokkaido, soup curry is known as regional cuisine.

Farm-to-Table & Spice Magic: Soup Curry In Hokkaido


In Japan, curry is one of the perfect dishes for a Table For One, as known by solo diners. The Japanese curry is a convenient food, just like ramen and conveyor belt sushi, known as Kaiten-zushi. These dining venues that serve these foods are gender-free and feel very comfortable for soloists to have lunch or dinner.

Discover the Japanese Curry: The Complete Guide in Yokohama

Regarding the introduction of curry to Japan, no exact data available. Various theories exist as to the true origin of Japanese curry, such as possibly Hokkaido or Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture. However, we will try to describe one perspective, the Yokohama theory here. American Commodore, Matthew Perry landed his ships in Kurihama, which is currently part

Where to Eat in Tokyo: The Real Curry Guide 2021

red green and yellow chili peppers

The food experience is one of the best attractions in Japan. When people typically think of Japanese food, many of us imagine sushi, soba, ramen, and yakitori. The fact is that Japan is the world’s second-largest curry-loving country!   In Tokyo, Jinbōchō is an essential place when talking about curry. Since the Meiji era, the area has

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