Table For One

Share the history of Japanese cuisine from centuries ago to 2021. From traditional Japanese food such as sushi & soba to home-cooked food.

Table for One in Japan: How to Enjoy Solo Dining


Ohitorisama means one person or Table For One. It has become a rapidly growing movement over the last ten years. There are an increasing number of mangas, TV drama series, and books about the Ohitorisama lifestyle. The solo life activities includes activities such as travel, camping, Onsen(a Japanese hot spring), Tabe-aruki (eating while walking), and much

The History of the Japanese Table For One

In Japan, the Edo period between 1603 to 1868 was a representative era of modern Japanese culture, and the history of Table For One was already in full bloom. Under the stable political system of the Edo period, many citizens became economically prosperous, and thus, the food/restaurant industry was emerging along with the development of