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Welcome! We are an independent resource of information dedicated to helping people discover Me Time ideas and techniques that you will want to use forever. 

We want to share our perspectives on living a mindful lifestyle, utilizing both Japanese traditional & modern perspectives, and stories that celebrate the diversity of Japanese cultures and creativity around the world. We have an extensive Japanese community network of connections, teams and confidants, who are enthusiastic to show appreciation for our heritage and histories that you will cherish forever.

All of us have been traveling around the world since we were students, and the locals in each country taught us their own customs, history, and traditions, as well as their modern lifestyles. Some of them took us to restaurants & bars which are only known by locals. Today, we would like to pay it forward and share our “Me Time in Japan” experience to you.

Regardless of being single or married, quite a bit of research shows that many people like the Me Time concept around the world, including the Japanese. And after all of our travels around the world, Japan is actually one the most Me Time friendly as well as Solo Living friendly countries! We are so excited to share with you the “Who, What, When, Where, Why & How” of Japanese Me Time living.

We truly believe Me Time is a necessity and benefit to your life. It is about feeling good and being present with yourself. It’s about recharging your inner self and enjoying each and every moment.

We hope you enjoy your own Me Time experiences with us!


Mindfulness is the practice of paying careful attention to our moment-to-moment experiences, and delving deeply into self-reflection. There are numerous mindful activities that we can incorporate into our daily routines to promote a sense of presence, relaxation, awareness, and a greater sense of well-being.

One of our favorite mindful activities is Mindful Eating, because regardless of our different cultural or linguistic backgrounds, food is a common connectors. Enjoying food provides a delicious expression of cultural identity, heritage, and hospitality, allowing individuals to communicate, and celebrate.

Mindful Eating fosters a healthy and joyful relationship with food, rooted in the ancient Buddhist tradition of mindfulness, dating back 2,600 years ago. Regardless of age or circumstances, we all must eat and drink, providing us three daily opportunities to integrate the power of mindfulness into our lives. Mindfulness transforms each moment into a rich and present experience. 

Diversity/Cross-Cultural Understanding

Our term “Japanese Community” refers to anyone associated with the culture and lifestyle of Japan. We are individuals who identify with our global community and happily engage in addressing our audience. 

One of our passionate series, Japanese Diaspora, highlights the diverse cultures and communities that broadens the boundaries of what it means to be Japanese. Through the series, we focus about people of Japanese heritage working in various creative industries. These series explore the state of contemporary Japan as well as its past. We celebrate cultures, bridge differences, and create a world of understanding and harmony. Diversity is our strength and inclusive future for all.

Understanding is enlightenment, and knowledge is power. We believe information and understanding empower us to make good decisions, take action, and influence outcomes. This understanding promotes effective communication, collaboration, and cooperation in multicultural environments, fostering harmony and reducing misunderstandings. 


We care for the well-being of both our environment and your overall personal health, embodying a commitment to the interconnected balance between the two.

Many Japanese communities are committed to sustainability. There has been a growing awareness and effort to promote sustainability in the production and consumption of commodities. We are eager to share our knowledge and passion for sustainability with you to inspire collective action and awareness.

We  provide sustainable ideas, customs, and traditions through our reliable experiences and sources. As a community, we are a gender-neutral team. We build and support friendly spaces for sharing different ideas to you. We will choose Me Time actions that are enriching as well as being sustainable. 

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