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Welcome!  We would like to introduce you about us. 

We are born and raised in Tokyo and other cities in Japan…we are a Japanese community that loves “Me Time” and many aspects of solo lifestyle. All of us have been traveling around the world since we were students, and today, we would like to share our “Me Time in Japan” experience internationally.

Regardless of being single or married, quite a bit of research shows that many people like the Me Time/Solo-Living concept around the world, including the Japanese.  And after all of our travels around the world, Japan is actually one the most solo-living friendly countries! We are so excited to share with you  the “Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How” of Japanese solo-friendly living.

Confidence in Us and Our Community

You can rely on our experienced research team and reliable sources of information.  As a community, we are a gender-neutral team.  We build and sustain friendly spaces for sharing different ideas to all people.

Content Through Reliable Experiences and Sources

Our content is fully vetted and will provide you different ways to enjoy Me Time/Solo Living. Overall, the numerous solo lifestyle ideas not only come from our group. Your own valuable experiences & feedback  are vital so we can all choose and focus on more choices which make our audience happier and fulfilled.


We care and respect the environment around us, as well as your overall personal health and well-being when providing solo life choices. We will choose Me Time actions that are enriching to you as well as being sustainable.