Cultural Footprint

Our cultural footprint is integrated into our identity. It is something we can all relate, learn and aspire to.

Life Education in Japan: Fully Living in the Present Moment

Teaching how to deal and cope with life and death situations is commonly known as Life Education in Japan. Life Education has become an increasingly important topic today, especially in these unprecedented times. There are so many notable moments where this type of education becomes essential and valuable. One of those moments was on March 11, 2011

Deconstructing Creativity: ‘Japas’ Craft Beer, Created by a Trio of Female Japanese-Brazilians


Brazil is home to the world’s largest Japanese populations outside of Japan, numbering about 1.5 million people. The Japanese Brazilians are either 1) Japanese people from Japan who immigrated to Brazil and then became naturalized Brazilian citizens; or 2) those born in Brazil with varying degrees of Japanese ethnicity. There were many reasons why there was

The Hidden Story: The Cultural Heritage of Okinawan Tattoos


More than 120 years ago, the custom of hajichi, a deep blue pattern tattooed on the back of women’s hands in Okinawa and the Ryukyu Islands, was banned by the Meiji government and gradually disappeared. Hajichi was the cultural heritage of the Ryukyu Kingdom, a rite of passage to mark the coming of age, marriage, and a talisman,

Getting Perfect Me Time in Classic Tokyo’s Cafes

The coffee culture in Tokyo draws inspiration from different global influences including various American coffee style cafes to authentic Italian espresso bars, as well as entertainment cafes like the maid cafes (where waitresses are dressed in maid outfits), and numerous cuddly animal cafes which showcase cats, owls and mini pigs to name a few. We’ve

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