Cultural Footprint

Our cultural footprint is integrated into our identity. It is something we can all relate, learn and aspire to.

Looking for Good Health in Ancient Japanese Culture

In Japanese ancient times, it was believed that epidemics were caused by invisible beings such as “plague deities”. The imagined pestilence deities looked like demons or yokai (妖怪, Japanese monsters) and would haunt people or enter their homes to make them sick. To avoid contracting the plague, it is necessary to drive away these plague

The Japanese Rituals : A Guide for Lucky Charms & Modern Lifestyle

Around the world, there are many unique traditional lucky charms sacred to our hearts. There’s no proof or evidence of the talismans’ power, but we appreciate those things that protect us and bring happiness. The cultural symbols enchant us and are always picked up as souvenirs when we travel to Japan. Many Japanese lucky charms

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