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Konnichiwa Tokyo! It’s time to discover the food, history, culture, as well as all of the other hidden gems of Japanese locals who specifically love Me-Time experiences. This city brims with history and creativity; so we encourage you to explore the street foods, restaurants, onsen, shopping and much more. Each of questions below are from

12 Japanese Life-Changing Concepts to Live a Happy Life

We can certainly learn from different countries around the globe their respective different philosophies through one’s culture and historical past. Those philosophies can help us live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. For example in Japan, people are keenly aware about focusing on the moment at hand and striving to be mindful—this is a state of

Fermented Foods Bring a Wealth of Health to the U.S.

Fermented foods have been gaining popularity in the United States for some time now. In 2003, Sandor Ellix Katz, a leader in the fermentation movement and a self-described fermentation geek, published his first book on fermented foods, Basic Fermentation. Since then, he has written numerous books ranging from adventures in the world’s fermented food cultures to

The Great Self Re-Evaluation: Discovering Modern Minimalism

In 2015, the word “Minimalist” began to attract attention in Japan as this word was nominated for the New Word/Buzzword Awards, an annual contest in Japan. In 2017, the word became increasingly popular internationally after Fumio Sasaki, a well-known Japanese Minimalist, published a book titled, Goodbye, Things: The New Japanese Minimalism. Sasaki’s lifestyle book was

Your Path to Happiness, Ikigai is the Way

man in green jacket and black pants sitting on gray concrete road beside white train during

Based on a philosophy of emotional independence and overcoming reliance on others, “solo activities” can serve as the starting point for cultivating a whole new you. Our Me Time (solo activities) rules for finding happiness on our own that are taking the West by storm. In Japan drinking alone, traveling alone, eating alone has been

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