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Zen Meditation in a Trailblazing Mobile Teahouse

time lapsed photography of cumulus clouds

When you pursue a lifestyle inspired by Zen—live like a floating cloud without obsessing over anything, it may create an opportunity to build a positive society that shares happiness universally. Joe Jun Liao, an entrepreneur originally from Hong Kong, is building a network to improve personal wellness and the common good in Hong Kong, Thailand,

Life Education in Japan: Fully Living in the Present Moment

Teaching how to deal and cope with life and death situations is commonly known as Life Education in Japan. Life Education has become an increasingly important topic today, especially in these unprecedented times. There are so many notable moments where this type of education becomes essential and valuable. One of those moments was on March 11, 2011

Mindful Eating: a Microcosm of How We Conduct Our Lives

Mindful Eating

In Japan, there is an increasing number of people practicing mindful eating — a meditative way of enjoying our food. Traditionally, expressing gratitude before eating is something that is embedded in Japanese culture as part of the daily ritual. Mindful Eating: A Guide to Re-establishing a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food by Jan Chozen

Getting Perfect Me Time in Classic Tokyo’s Cafes

The coffee culture in Tokyo draws inspiration from different global influences including various American coffee style cafes to authentic Italian espresso bars, as well as entertainment cafes like the maid cafes (where waitresses are dressed in maid outfits), and numerous cuddly animal cafes which showcase cats, owls and mini pigs to name a few. We’ve

Love or Hate – Japan’s Mysterious Tattoo Culture

Many curious people outside of Japan ask us about the some of the stigmas surrounding Japanese people having tattoos. They first ask, “Why can’t Japanese people with tattoos seem to buy life insurance?” and secondly they ask, “Why are people with tattoos frequently not allowed in Japanese public baths?“. At first glance there seems to

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