Best Guide: Find Your Favorite Indian Curry In Osaka

The influx of foreign tourists to Osaka is on the rise, and they relish dining at the various curry shops just as much as the locals (maybe even more!). While you may be familiar with Japanese foods like sushi, soba, and tempura, consider exploring the myriad curry dishes Japan has to offer on your next visit. We find that curry consumption in Japan is remarkably high, ranking second only to India. There are many kinds of curries out there, with different types of spices, various levels of spiciness, and a dizzying number of vegetable and meat combinations. Osaka has a famous saying called Kuidaore(食い倒れ), which means to spoil yourself with extravagant food. Here’s your curated list of curry shops in the metropolis for you to explore.  Enjoy your Me Time & Curry Time!

4 Iconic Curry Styles and Osaka’s Famous Spice curry

Japanese curry can be divided into four main categories. European curry, which is made from curry powder imported from England. It can also mean that the curry itself is inspired by the influence of European cuisines. Spice curry, Indian curry or Yakuzen curry – this type of curry is inspired by Chinese herbal medicine. It is made by blending a variety of medicinal spices. There are curry dishes that combine both the Indian & European influences. And lastly, there is curry uniquely transformed over generations in Japan cuisine which includes curry with pork cutlets, curry udon, curry bread, and Sapporo’s famous soup curry.

Osaka is known as the birthplace of “spice curry.”  The difference between Indian curry and Japanese spice curry, is that the Japanese tend to incorporate some unique ingredients, like apple, pineapple, honey, and tons of onions for sweetness.

Osaka is famous for spice curry because the region gathered many spice merchants since Edo period (1603 to 1868). Thus the availability of various spices contributed to the development of unique spice curry variations. In 1905, Yamato-ya (now Hachi Food) introduced Japan’s very first curry powder. Then in 1926, Uragami Shoten (now House Foods) launched its special curry powder. In the modern day, House Foods is famous for its curry cubes. This deep spice knowledge, coupled with Osaka merchants’ innovative mindset, led to today’s “spice curry” culture.

Spice curry has several common characteristics which includes blending spices uniquely without using pre-made curry roux.  It consists of one plate of rice and sauce, which is sprinkled with spices on the dish for the added touch.  Dashi (Japanese broth) is carefully incorporated to suit one’s palate.   Various vegetables and fruits, as well as proteins such as fish and meat help round out the well-balanced nutritional profile.  It’s also visually appealing to the eye and perfect for Instagram!

Our Favorite Appetizing Curry Guide in Osaka

Four Curries in One Meal: Singh’s Kitchen

Since 2009, Singh’s Kitchen’s offers expertly seasoned curry with unique spices. Their vegetable-based curries with spinach and beans, which create the ideal blend of spiciness and fragrance. The ‘Maze-maze Curry Rice’ comes with four curry varieties in one meal, including lamb curry; vegetable curry with ingredients like eggplant and pumpkin; and a Today’s Special curry.  It is certainly  a cost-effective as well as a delightful menu option.

On the side menus, try the Tandoori fish and Chapathi roll. They are great alternatives to the Indian famous dishes like Tandoori chicken and chicken tikka. Without experiencing this taste, no one can talk fully about Indian curry or spice curry in Osaka.

Address: 1 Chome-21-20 Chuo Ward, Nipponbashi, Osaka 542-0073

One of Osaka’s top South Asian restaurants: Ceylon Curry

By a Sri Lankan chef, Ceylon Curry specializes in Sri Lankan cuisine, ranking among Osaka’s top South Asian restaurants. Try their renowned menu item called the Ambula dish. You can choose one type of curry of the day such as chicken; pork; fish; beets; and keema (minced meat). The curry served with rice & five different side dishes of the day. The side dishes include mallung (stir-fried vegetables), moju (seasoned vegetable dish), ala baduma (stir-fried potatoes with spices), parippu (curry lentils), beets, and Papadum (thin crispy cracker). Enjoy your dishes with Lion Lager, Sri Lanka’s iconic beer!

The second popular menu item is Biryani which is made by blending steamed noodles called “Indi appa.”  The noodles kneaded with rice flour and spices, crushed to the size of rice grains. The dish has depth of character and a unique culinary experience because preparation of the dish demands a significant amount of time. Closed on Wednesday.

Address: 1-13-4 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture

Born in Bangladesh and Raised in Osaka: Moja Curry

Moja Curry named after the Bangladeshi word for delicious. The signature dish is beef curry, blending the flavors of beef into a soup that is crafted with over 20 spices. The best dish is green onion beef curry.  It comes with beef and a lot of Asian green onion. Another popular menu item is pork cutlet curry, a delicious fusion of crispy fried pork cutlet served with a rich and aromatic curry sauce. English, Korean and Chinese menus are available.

Although there are options to increase heat levels, from between 10 to 1000 times, the owner says that the additional spiciness actually enhances flavor as well as adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile of the curry.

Address: Shin-osaka JR Station 1F, 5-16-1 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku

Hidden Gem: Yobareya

This curry offers a distinctive twist, resembling a European interpretation of Thai green curry. There is unique story behind the creation of this wonderful curry that the Japanese owner chef created. It is a fantasy story the chef creatively made up himself, about a Westerner traveler who enjoyed and was inspired by curry dishes during travels in Asia. He brought those flavors back to his home country, crafting unique curries with his own creative twists. 

The shop’s curry is based on Thai curry combining various exotics herbs, but what makes it European style is that the soup base contains onions & fruits, and for an extra fee, toppings such as avocado and melted cheese are available.

Address: 1-31-3 Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Osaka

Authentic Sri Lankan Curry: Nuwara Kade

Indulge in authentic Sri Lankan curry by a skilled Sri Lankan chef. The owner is passionate about serving authentic Sri Lankan cuisine. The most popular item is the NUWARA curry plate.  You can choose the protein you’d like, including chicken; pork; mutton; organ meat; deer; goat; wild boar; pork rib; fish; and prawns. And the dish comes with basmati rice, or Japanese made yellow rice as your choice.

Along with the curry, there is a wide variety of side dishes, such as pickled vegetables, greens & peas, and boiled egg. Desserts include banana and milk tea. Many locals tend to mix the curry together with all of the side dishes before eating. They believe that this potpourri mix is a great way to enjoy the dish, as the varying and delicious flavors burst in your mouth. At night, Nuwara Kade becomes a Sri Lankan pub. You can enjoy many other Sri Lankan dishes not just the curry!

The hearty curry is packed with ingredients and has a reputation for having just the right amount of spiciness. Closed on Wednesday.

Address: 1-6-8 Enokojima, Nishi-ku, Osaka

Best Indian Curry Guide In Osaka

An Artful Curry: Botani Curry

The Botani curry is filled with minced chicken, tomato and spinach. The dish bursts with delightful flavors due to the harmonizing a blend of herbs and spices. Another popular menu item is a combination plate of the Botani curry and shrimp curry. The shrimp curry roux is made with bonito dashi (soup stock) . It has a deep and rich seafood flavor with a hint of aromatic cardamom scent.

The owner humbly presents it as a classic flavor, appealing to many foodie. Expertly crafted with a blend of herbs and spices, the Botani’s curry provides a multi-layered, three-dimensional sensory experience. The main branch has irregular opening hours, so we recommend Hanshin department store branch instead to visit ensuring a special dining experience.

Address: At Hanshin Department Store Umeda 9F, 1-13-13 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka

Address: Main brunch 1F, 4-5-3 Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Authentic Indian Home Cooking Curry: GANESH N

A famous curry store that is open from 11:30am until evening and often sells out before closing. Infused with genuine passion, GANESH N proudly presents its signature bean and vegetable dal dish enhanced by expertly pairing it with the daily curry.

There is only three things on the menu; Daily curry, Vegetarian thali, and the most popular dish which is the combination plate named Daily special & dal (bean curry). Each dish comes with toppings like spicy boiled eggs, Indian pickled achar, and vegetables. The owner-chef discovered the enchantment of curry during a trip to India, inspiring the restaurant’s theme of authentic Indian home cooking.

Address: 1-10-18 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Indian-Pakistani Delights: Ghar

The proprietor, after working and honing his skills in a restaurant called “Delhi”, he opened his own restaurant called “Ghar”, which is a renowned Indian-Pakistani shop in Ueno, Tokyo. The menus are three regular curry; bold Chiki Chiki Curry; delightful Beef Curry with succulent stewed beef; and Veggie Lamb Keema―minced lamb curry adorned with fresh veggies. Also the shop offer a monthly special curry! 

The most popular menu item is Chiki Chiki curry which lies on a bed of onions that are meticulously stir-fried until they achieve a rich, dark color. This is where you can truly embrace the delectable essence of Indian inspired Japanese gourmet curry.

Address: 1-9-10 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Japanese Dashi Meets India’s Spice: Kokopelli curry

Kokopelli curry owner’s theory is that Kansai spice curry is the perfect fusion of two essential things.   They are Kyoto’s flavorful soup stock culture, which has a history of over 1,000 years, and India’s spice cuisine, which also has a 1,000+ year history. Kansai refers to a geographical region in the western part of the country. It includes major cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, among others. The menus are vegetable curry, chicken curry and Today’s Special. Thus, you can choose an assortment of options like Aigame (choose two curry above), and Sanshu-mori (you can have all three kind of curry!). The owner, from a long line of farmers, prioritizes fresh vegetables and meats, aiming to align with farmers’ expectation of high quality.

Address: 2-6-12 Higashitenma, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka

Please be aware that many small stores and private stores in Japan require cash payment. Card payments are not accepted at some places. There are many reasonably priced foods in Japan, and countless items can be found for less than the US $1-10. Be sure to carry a small amount of cash with you when walking around Japan, even though it might be a little inconvenient. Please enjoy your Table For One Japanese food dining experience without any hesitations!

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