Curry With Udon Noodle? Unique Curry Guide in Nagoya 2023

How many of us know that Japan is the second-largest curry country after India? The capital, Tokyo has the most curry restaurants in the country. Kanagawa is a port city where you can enjoy a wide variety of the dishes from around the world, including curry. In Hokkaido, soup curry is known as regional cuisine. And there are two more of Japan’s five major curry cities, Nagoya and Osaka.

Nagoya is the birthplace of COCO Ichibanya, the most well-established curry fast food restaurant chain in Japan. Moreover, curry udon – consists of udon noodles mixed with Japanese curry sauce – is a uniquely developed curry and became widespread. It’s a local food that is well-loved by both children and adults. The origin of curry udon is believed to be Sanchōan – now permanently closed – in Waseda, Tokyo, which was born more than 100 years ago. However, today, people say Nagoya is the best place for curry udon.

Perfect Guide: The Holy Curry Land of Nagoya  

The root of curry udon: Honten Shachinoya

After this restaurant’s taste throughout Nagoya, the local curry udon culture took shape. The soup is made from chicken bones, aromatic vegetables, and dried bonito flakes, combined with kaeshi (a seasoning which consists of soy sauce, mirin, and sugar) and a secret blend of spices. Other ingredients include pork, Abura-age (deep-fried tofu skin), onions, and kamaboko (fish cakes). The udon noodles are of artisanal-quality. The noodles’ special unique texture is due to keeping the same recipe for over 40 years.

2-14-1 Tabata, Kita-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi 

The texture of noodles is strong, glutinous, and satisfyingly delicious.

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Tsukemen style is not only for ramen: Sennen Nikoten

This ramen utilizes the novel style of dipping noodles (tsukemen) into the roux that is simmering in the pot. Curry Kishimen is a coriander-scented hot soup, and the noodles are served separately. The noodle has a mild flavor and possesses the perfect texture. These noodles are cooked in its own clear sauce made from Rishiri kelp and Honkare honbushi (dried bonito flakes). Both the curry soup and the soup from the noodles are plenty seasoned and amply delicious.

1-20-11, Sennen, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi

Authentic Nagoya’s local dishes, received star from Michelin.

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Also there are many famous curry & rice restaurants in the area!

The taste captivated Ichiro: Curry Yuki

It is known as the restaurant where the US major league baseball player Ichiro Suzuki used to go to when he was in high school. Since its establishment in 1963, curry has been served in a nostalgic style with a thick consistency that is infused with numerous ingredients. The spicy aftertaste is just perfect. It is known as Royal Japanese curry and served with rice.

3-5-27 Wakamizu, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi

OMG, one coin (US$5) nostalgic taste.

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A Very Addictive Curry Dish: Coffee Shop Mon

Coffee and curry are the two main menu items at this store. The menu allows you to pick two different types of curry in one dish by ordering the Half-and-Half curry. Our two favorite Half-and-Half curry menu choices are Mon’s special curry and the Chicken Hayashi curry. Mon’s special curry has a complex taste from the combination of sweetness from the onions, umami from the beef, and spiciness from the spices. Chicken Hayashi curry is a slow-cooked chicken based dish. Carefully separating the two delicious curries is rice covered in a thinly fried egg!

1-15 Shumoku-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

It’s a luxury to be able to eat both curry and hash rice at once.

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For Dashi & Fish Lovers: Spice Curry Akatsutei

The radish and mackerel curry is made with Japanese broth which does not have any fishy smell whatsoever. It just has the perfect combination of ingredients that is harmoniously delicious. The sesame chicken curry is a completely different experience from the fish curry. The sesame seeds offer a nutty depth that makes a rich and mellow taste.

1-22-12, Taikō, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi

Best curry for Pescatarian in Nagoya

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When describing Nagoya, it is often said, “Ichi’yasu, ni’kasa, san’aji” – For a very reasonable price, you receive a great amount of food, which tastes delicious. The curry dishes have been modified and adapted over the years and now stands on its own as something uniquely Nagoya.

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