Me Time Trend: Onsen Far From Tokyo

There is no surprise that Japan is great country for solo traveling. There are many solo dining spaces in cafes & restaurants, Manga cafes (24 hours internet cafes, with an extensive selection of comics and videos), capsule hotels, solo karaoke rooms and more! Most solo activities are very popular regardless of age and gender.

Last time we talked about onsen & ryokan near Tokyo, this time we introduce you to travel to a little more distant/further places from Tokyo.

A Hidden Onsen: Hoshi Onsen Chojukan_Gunma Prefecture

People love traditional hot springs with warm hospitality, while getting tremendous value for great service at a very reasonable price. Hoshi Onsen has been in business for 140 years. This onsen has both dignified beauty and simplicity and fits the bill for many solo travelers.

They have three different onsens, and the temperature in each varied depending on the location. Although it is a mixed gender bath, don’t worry; there is a schedule for ladies use only and gentlemen use only.

Access: 650 Nagai, Minakami-machi, Tone-gun, Gunma Prefecture

It’s like a Time Machine experience, you can enjoy the beauty of the architecture along with a romantic atmosphere.

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One of Oldest Onsens: Tsurunoyu Onsen _Akita Prefecture

This place is one of the oldest hot spring resorts of Nyutou Onsenkyo, a 380 year old hot spring resort village. It features five baths that all appear to have similar white-hot waters, but each bath naturally contains varying amounts of minerals such as calcium, sodium bicarbonate, sulfur, and iron.

Access: 50 Tazawako Tazawa Sendatsu Kokuyurin, Semboku, Akita Prefecture

It is well-known as a silky smooth hot spring, where you can enjoy onsen with amazing views of nature.

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Must visit: Okamotoya _Oita Prefecture

Founded in the late 1800s, this onsen provides very warm hospitality, led by a charming lady-owner, who is popular with solo travelers. From December to March, you will be healed by this open-air hot spring, accompanied by a Japanese grapefruit, Zabon, that floats in the middle of the outdoor bath, making you feel one with nature. For dinner, you can enjoy creative kaiseki meals made with seasonal local ingredients. The hot spring at Okamotoya is Myobansen, praised as having higher medicinal efficacy amongst the eight hot springs of Beppu.

Access: 4 Myoban, Beppu, Oita Prefecture

Forget the noisy crowds and the stress of everyday real life. This place offers a timeless setting and serene comfort.

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Forget the city: Miyakowasure_Akita Prefecture

Forget the hustle and bustle by visiting this peaceful and secluded mountain inn with no private houses or buildings around for approximately 5km. The two indoor baths, that are open 24 hours, are made from Hiba trees which are prized for their woodsy, calming scent and containing an excellent aromatherapy properties. And each room has a private onsen. This place will keep you warm and serene as you actually view the forest from the onsen bath.

Opened in 2004 by a woman owner who is passionate to share her childhood experience to improve one’s atopic reactions with the hot springs of Natsuse Onsen.

Access: Natsuse-84 Tazawako Sotsuda, Senboku-shi, Akita Prefecture

I had a private room with my own open-air bath… it’s an Me Time heavenly experience. Let yourself be pampered and healed here.

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Award winning quintessential onsen: Mukaitaki_Fukushima Prefecture

They are proud to keep the Japanese tradition and culture alive here. In 1996, the Japanese government officially recognized Mukaitaki’s architecture and construction, as national historic and of cultural significance.

Enjoy your meals in your room. They offer you the freshest natural ingredients… the true flavors of the seasonal ingredients really shine in their dishes. Each season brings beautiful scenic joys to experience, such as the winter candle flowers blooming nightly in the snowy winter garden.

Access: 63 Suginoshita, Tsuchiyuonsenmachi, Fukushima, Fukushima

This is a traditional facility with friendly & high standard hospitality.

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If you don’t know onsen etiquette yet, here are some tips.

We urge you to read up on onsen etiquette before you go. For example: Going Naked – It is Japanese traditional culture that everyone goes into the bath naked. Make sure you take a hand towel for washing your body and covering up your skin afterwards. First, before entering the bathtub, it is customary to lightly wash your lower body outside the tub. After that, you get in the bathtub and soak for a while.

No washing inside the bathtub. There is a separate space provided for washing, as well as a bathtub and shower. Please wash your body and hair at the washing space. Never wash your cloths inside the bathtub. Watch and learn from others that you are around!

Enjoy your “Me Time”!

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