Why Japanese Curry is so Popular in Japan: Its Unique Origins

When people think of Japanese food, many of us typically imagine sushi, soba, ramen, and yakitori. However, the fact is that Japan is actually the world’s second largest curry-loving country —of course, India is number one, based on the annual consumption of curry powder in the world. In Japanese, curry is called karē raisu, which means

Minimalism Stories You Should Read in Your Lifetime

books on bookshelf

Autumn is a great time to expand your artistic horizons and interests, whether it’s arts, movies, theatrical performances, classical music, or jazz. We think one of the easiest and convenient things to do by ourselves every fall is to read. In Japan, there is a saying, “Autumn is the season for reading.” We considered it

Creative Halloween Costumes Inspired by the Japanese 19th Century

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Halloween is a Western culture, and it has been gaining mass participation in Japan, especially among the youth. In 1997, Tokyo Disneyland held the “Disney Happy Halloween” costume event, which led to the spread of this celebration in the country. It is said that the Disneyland event began Halloween to take roots in Japan, after

Looking for Good Health in Ancient Japanese Culture

In Japanese ancient times, it was believed that epidemics were caused by invisible beings such as “plague deities”. The imagined pestilence deities looked like demons or yokai (妖怪, Japanese monsters) and would haunt people or enter their homes to make them sick. To avoid contracting the plague, it is necessary to drive away these plague

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