Me Time Guide

There are plenty of fun things to do on your Me Time. Here are some of the trend and best solo activities to try out!

The Japanese Rituals : A Guide for Lucky Charms & Modern Lifestyle

Around the world, there are many unique traditional lucky charms sacred to our hearts. There’s no proof or evidence of the talismans’ power, but we appreciate those things that protect us and bring happiness. The cultural symbols enchant us and are always picked up as souvenirs when we travel to Japan. Many Japanese lucky charms

Curry With Udon Noodle? Unique Curry Guide in Nagoya 2021

How many of us know that Japan is the second-largest curry country after India? The capital, Tokyo has the most curry restaurants in the country. Kanagawa is a port city where you can enjoy a wide variety of the dishes from around the world, including curry. In Hokkaido, soup curry is known as regional cuisine.

Farm-to-Table & Spice Magic: Soup Curry In Hokkaido


In Japan, curry is one of the perfect dishes for a Table For One, as known by solo diners. The Japanese curry is a convenient food, just like ramen and conveyor belt sushi, known as Kaiten-zushi. These dining venues that serve these foods are gender-free and feel very comfortable for soloists to have lunch or dinner.

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