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Walk a Monk’s Path as a Modern Minimalist Solo Traveler

Whether we feel joy, gratitude, anger, or sadness, our minds always react to various situations with different emotions. However, instead of accepting those initial emotional impulses, the Japanese try to be more mindful. By thoughtfully changing the way we react by consciously being more neutral, we can theoretically spend our days more comfortably. A monk

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Delicious and Healthy Vegan Cuisine at Obon Shokudo in Portland

Farmers’ markets are held throughout Portland and people’s lives are closely connected to the local produce. The markets are crowded with students, business people, and travelers during lunchtime, and chefs from the local restaurants frequent the markets to stock up on organic vegetables. Obon Shokudo, a vegan Japanese restaurant, has its roots in the farmers

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Best Answers for Popular Questions From Our Me-Time Readers!

Konnichiwa Tokyo! It’s time to discover the food, history, culture, as well as all of the other hidden gems of Japanese locals who specifically love Me-Time experiences. This city brims with history and creativity; so we encourage you to explore the street foods, restaurants, onsen, shopping and much more. Each of questions below are from

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12 Japanese Life-Changing Concepts to Live a Happy Life

We can certainly learn from different countries around the globe their respective different philosophies through one’s culture and historical past. Those philosophies can help us live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. For example in Japan, people are keenly aware about focusing on the moment at hand and striving to be mindful—this is a state of

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Curry With Udon Noodle? Unique Curry Guide in Nagoya 2023

How many of us know that Japan is the second-largest curry country after India? The capital, Tokyo has the most curry restaurants in the country. Kanagawa is a port city where you can enjoy a wide variety of the dishes from around the world, including curry. In Hokkaido, soup curry is known as regional cuisine.


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