Where Did Japanese Curry Originate? The Complete Guide in Kanagawa 2021

Regarding the introduction of curry to Japan, no exact data available. Various theories exist as to the true origin of Japanese curry, such as possibly Hokkaido or Yokohama city in Kanagawa prefecture. However, we will try to describe one perspective, the Yokohama theory here. American Commodore, Matthew Perry landed his ships in Kurihama, which is currently part

Quick Self-Care, Mindfulness Through Hand Acupressure Points

person with black and red manicure

As we intuitively know mental and physical health are closely linked. When you are sick, do you take medicine or see a doctor for advice? If you feel sluggish, do you get massage? When we feel physical sick or stressed, we may decide to use natural medicine (naturopathy) to boost our immune system instead of

Clear Your Mind, Breathe, and Stand on Your Feet

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During the pandemic, it was virtually impossible to see what was going to happen in the near future. Some things were occurring at a blinding pace, and we simply did not have any control over certain situations. When our minds are in turmoil, a firm awareness of our feet as the center of our axis