Japanese Minimalist: Post Corona Lifestyle is Less is More

In Japan, many people are living alone. There are many reasons why the Japanese decide to stay single. According to research from the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research in 2015, the lifetime unmarried rate for Japanese men was about 23% and for women it was about 14%. By 2030, one out of

Me Time TREND 2021: Onsen Far From Tokyo

There is no surprise that Japan is great country for solo traveling. There are many solo dining spaces in cafes & restaurants, Manga cafes (24 hours internet cafes, with an extensive selection of comics and videos), capsule hotels, solo karaoke rooms and more! Most solo activities are very popular regardless of age and gender. Last

Me Time TREND 2021: Onsen Near Tokyo

During the last ten years, Me Time culture has become increasingly more popular in Japan. The top 3 Me Time trend activities in Japan are onsen, sauna, and camping. These activities provide specialized services for solo travelers. Before we introduce you to the sauna and camping trends in Tokyo we would like to talk about

Breathe In : The Land of the Rising Sun Mt.Fuji


In Japan, roughly 70 percent of the country is mountainous. And in those areas, there are many major holy mountains. Climbing these sacred mountains of faith is called Zenjyo.  People also refer to Zenyjo  as the ultimate destination or the mountain summit. Since the Muromachi period (1336-1573), many people have begun to practice Zenjyo. The

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