Mindfulness Travel is the New Way to Refresh Our Health

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What are your reasons to travel alone? For Japanese solo travelers, the reasons to travel alone are numerous and varying among individuals. Some of the main reasons include; they want to enjoy their time away from everyday life; this is a way to reward themselves; individuals want to travel at their favorite time without the

Solo Camping 2021: Tips & The Best Campgrounds in Japan


In Japan, the term Solo Camp was officially made a buzzword in 2020. On YouTube, there are many solo campers who make numerous solo camp videos which are becoming more and more popular. There are multiple places to camp out in Japan, like the mountains, forests, lakes, and beaches. Our team has a solo camper

Trailblazing Female Who Pioneered Solo Travel in 1800s

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Isabella Bird was a true pioneer and adventure seeker in her time. She was a nineteenth-century British traveler best known in Japan for her book, Unbeaten Tracks in Japan. Bird made her trip to Japan in 1878, at the age of 47. It was first published in two volumes in 1880. She talks about her

Solo Travel & Living, Practical Tips From Japanese Local Solos


Japan is one of the safest countries in the world which makes it a great place and experience for a solo traveling getaway. Here are typical questions from international tourists, and we are going to answer them! Is traveling solo popular in Japan? Yes, from teenagers to elders, Japanese enjoy traveling, especially in solo settings.

Table for One in Japan: How to Enjoy Solo Dining


Ohitorisama means one person or Table For One. It has become a rapidly growing movement over the last ten years. There are an increasing number of mangas, TV drama series, and books about the Ohitorisama lifestyle. The solo life activities includes activities such as travel, camping, Onsen(a Japanese hot spring), Tabe-aruki (eating while walking), and much